Brian Dedrickson

Brian Dedrickson
General Manager & Director of Training and Development
Diamonds Direct Crabtree


Brian Dedrickson, General Manager & Director of Training and Development, has been with Diamonds Direct since 2010. He attended San Francisco State University where he studied Economic Analysis and Financial Forecasting.

Dedrickson has been in the diamond and jewelry industry for 30 years. Previously, he was a trainer on diamonds and watches and has managed boutique and couture jewelry stores in Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco and Saint Louis. Dedrickson has also appeared around the country as a guest speaker and educator on diamonds.

In his free time, Dedrickson enjoys spending time with his wife Rhonda, daughter and two grandchildren. He also collects and restores Vintage pre-depression watches, unusual pens and participates in online diamond and vintage watch forums as a moderator.