Ori Ben Amitai

Ori Ben Amitai
Vice President, Virginia
Diamonds Direct Richmond


Ori Ben Amitai, Vice President, has been with Diamonds Direct since 2012. He attended Bar -Ilan University in Israel where he studied Industrial Practical Engineering. Previously, Ori was working for the diamond cutting facilities of the company in the Israeli diamond district.

Born in Ramat Gan, Israel in 1984 and raised in Herzelia, Ben Amitai joined the Israeli defense forces in 2003 and served for 3 years. The military experience gave him great tools to appreciate the good things in life; his wife, family and close friends. The army experience also taught him a new way of life - always be on time never late, be honest with people, and never be afraid of the truth. In 2012 he started to explore the world of diamonds in the diamond cutting facilities of Diamond’s Direct in Ramat Gan, Israel, where he fell in love with them immediately. After one year of experience in the diamond district he was selected to join the company’s other side of the business, the direct-to-the-public stores. He started his way in the Raleigh location where he learned and work with Barak Henis (Vice President of the Raleigh and the Richmond location). Ori then relocated when the company opened its 4th location in Richmond, Virginia. He sees an amazing future to the Richmond market, and puts all his effort in establishing Diamonds Direct as a strong brand in the community. In his free time Ori likes to travel with his wife and his dog exploring Richmond and its surrounding cities.