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Pearls: The Gem Of The Sea

Pearl quality can vary dramatically, and just like other gemstones, only a tiny percentage are considered beautiful enough for use in jewelry. Characteristics that contribute to the value of a pearl are luster and nacre thickness, surface, shape, color and size.

The Four Main Types Of Cultured Pearls:

Four Criteria Determine The Value Of A Pearl:

Pearl Necklace Lengths

  • Choker Pearl Necklace:

    About 16 inches. It can be worn on both casual and formal occasions.

  • Princess Pearl Necklace:

    17 inches to 18 inches long. A longer choker version and the most popular of necklace lengths.

  • Matinee Pearl Necklace:

    20 inches to 24 inches long. Generally worn with daytime or more casual wear.

  • Opera Pearl Necklace:

    30 inches to 36 inches long. Usually, two strands of pearls are worn for formal occasions.

  • Rope Pearl Necklace:

    40 inches or longer. Typically, two or three strands of pearls with various knots.